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Aidplex, is a proud to stand as a firm advocate of collaborative success through full-on partnership with our valued investors. Founded on the principles of trust, transparency, techonology and shared vision, we have forged robust alliances that drive our mission forward.

At Aidplex, we remain dedicated to creating a future where innovation of orthopedics thrives for all of our customers. With the unwavering support of our esteemed investors, Aidplex is poised to create a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for patients.



TECS Capital is an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) established under the Greek Law and based in Thessaloniki. It is a Seed investment structure targeting new Industry 4.0 venture opportunities and creating value by commercializing research. Members of the Management Team come from diversified backgrounds with proven track records and experience. Investors come from various industries and Lead investor is the Hellenic Development Bank for Investments (HDBI).

Their investing principles

TECS Capital is backing science and emerging technologies ventures in their very beginnings at the outermost edges of transformative growth. At Seed stage, trust and proximity are paramount. We look for founders with deep and credible insights within their focus area. Our collaboration with the founders, guarantees a quick reaction to technology challenges, opportunities and changing market conditions.

We focus on Deep Tech verticals and look for virtuous data cycles. A quantifiable objective that offers real value and a data set that gives a growing advantage. We also focus on Transformative Tech verticals and look for innovative business models and novel implementations of established technologies.

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