From a humble beginning to an orthopedic revolution

The Aidplex structure.


  • Our company starts its operations

    18 September 2018

    Founded in 2018, Aidplex has rapidly emerged as a trailblazer in the healthcare industry, introducing innovative and life-changing technologies to address critical medical challenges. With a dedicated team of experts and a vision for revolutionizing patient care, the company is making significant strides towards shaping the future of medical technology.

  • Our first product of 3D printed splints

    19 March 2019

    The startup's debut product, 3D-printed splints, showcased their commitment to cutting-edge technology and patient-centric solutions. These bespoke splints offered enhanced comfort and support, heralding a new era in personalized orthopedic care.

  • ScolioSense development chapter

    24 June 2020

    ScolioSense made a groundbreaking debut designed to revolutionize scoliosis treatment monitoring. With its advanced sensors and real-time data analysis, it empowers patients and healthcare providers alike to track progress more efficiently and make informed decisions for optimized treatment outcomes.

  • VC Funding round

    11 May 2023

    Aidplex successfully secured a funding round of $340.00, comprising investments from TECS Capital VC and angel investors from the US and the EU. This financial infusion will propel the company's research, development, and market expansion, driving them closer to achieving their mission of transforming healthcare through innovative technology.

  • Our first customers

    Q3 2023

    After receiving regulatory approvals ScolioSense is now poised for commercialization. Aidplex has already garnered strong interest from orthopedic clinicians and brace manufacturers, eager to integrate ScolioSense into their scoliosis treatment programs and offer their patients cutting-edge monitoring solutions.

Our mission at Aidplex is to revolutionize healthcare by developing cutting-edge medical devices that empower healthcare professionals and improve patient outcomes. Through innovation and a focus on engineering, we strive to create products that enhance, treatment effectiveness, and patient comfort. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a difference in people's lives, we aim to shape the future of medical technology.


Aidplex won 1st place at Next Stage Challenge: PrototypeStage! image
Aidplex won 1st place at Next Stage Challenge: PrototypeStage!

Next Stage Challenge 2021 is over, and AidPlex is excited to announce that won 1st place at Prototype Stage! After 221 evaluations, AidPlex managed to win 1st place at the prototype stage as well as the impressions of the evaluators (investors and institutions).

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Aidplex received the 2021 Venture Impact Award image
Aidplex received the 2021 Venture Impact Award

The Hellenic Initiative (THI) announced the award winners of The 2021 Venture Impact Awards (VIA) on December 13 with a virtual event that presented one of THI’s newest programs, which the organization says helps and supports Greece’s brightest and most talented teams – for-profits and non-profits – in creating scalable and sustainable ventures and projects that create jobs.

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AidPlex Won 1st Place in Ecocity Forum 2018 Circular Economy Competition image
AidPlex Won 1st Place in Ecocity Forum 2018 Circular Economy Competition

Out of 15 Greek startups, AidPlex won 1st place for the best innovative idea in the Ecocity Forum 2018, an International Conference that took place on October 3-5, at Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

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Aidplex received 3rd place at the NBGBusiness Seeds image
Aidplex received 3rd place at the NBGBusiness Seeds

On 16/6/2022 the 12th organization of the competition “Innovation & Technology” took place. It is an initiative of the National Bank of Greece for the promotion of innovation, within the NBG Business Seeds program.

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At our core, we foster a collaborative environment that brings together engineers and healthcare professionals who are driven by a unified vision: to elevate the quality of patients' treatment experience. This vision resonates not only with our investors but also with esteemed members of the scientific and orthopedics community, further reinforcing our commitment to making a positive impact in healthcare.


Image of Harry Yeremtzes

CEO & Co-Founder

Image of Dimitrios Moustakas

COO & Co-Founder

Image of Tasos Anastasiadis


Image of Argiris Mouratidis

QA Manager & Mobile Development Lead

Image of Dimitra Natsidou

Hardware Engineer Lead


Image of Nicolas Huber

Business Advisor

Image of Lily Komisopoulou

Business Advisor

Image of Efthimis Samoladas

Scientific Advisor

Image of Nikolaos Tsoniotis

Business Advisor


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