As part of research and development of new technologies, AidPlex has undertaken the construction of an autonomous medical drone to provide assistance in emergencies.

By using the diploma thesis of AidPlex’s CEO, Harry Yeremtzes and in collaboration with the Mechatronics and System Automation laboratory of Democritus University of Thrace, we have proceeded to develop an UAV with the possibility of immediate intervention in emergency situations and in particular for the provision of sanitary services.

The integrated system proposed by this partnership will ensure safe human interaction (health professionals) with a “robot” (unmanned vehicle), as well as the optimal delivery of service in the delivery and receipt of sanitary materials.



This involves implementing an integrated service to be provided to:


  • Hospitals, for hospital to hospital delivery of medical equipment (blood tests, sanitary equipment, drugs, etc)
  • Crisis management teams or National Emergency Aid Centres (NEAC) for treating people at risk in an external environment.
  • Pharmacies, for drug delivery from pharmacies to patients in need 
  • Drugstores, for drug delivery from stores to pharmacies