.Comfortable .Waterproof .Recyclable

Why is it better?


Our material is waterproof! So, patients can bathe themselves easily without having to wear a plastic cover around the cast.

Skin Friendly

Our material is FDA approved and skin friendly! Due to the splint’s holes the skin can breathe better, reducing the possibility of skin irritation.


AidPlex splint is 6 times lighter than plaster casts! This feature provides more comfortable treatment to the patient during the healing procedure.

Fast Adjustment

AidPlex splint is a ready-to-use solution! Healthcare professionals can splint the broken bone in 5 minutes.


Our material is recyclable and biodegradable. Above all, we are trying to reduce the medical waste ending in landfills in order to have a more viable planet.

Patient’s Life Made Easier

AidPlex’s team design its products based on patients’ needs during the healing procedure. The main features of AidPlex splint are: Waterproof, Lightweight and Skin Friendly. First of all, patients can bathe themselves easily without the use of plastic covers around their broken bones. In addition, we offer a 6 times lighter solution, giving to patients a more useful splint in a very difficult period of their life. Our splint has a lot of holes, therefore patients’ skin can breathe normally and eliminate the chance of skin irritation problems. Finally, it is ideal for children! Sometimes doctors maybe give drugs to children in order to be easy to splint their broken bone. Our quick and easy-to-apply solution helps on the one hand healthcare professionals do their job easier and on the other hand avoiding the drug delivery to children.

AidPlex wants to help healthcare organizations and professionals to reduce their health economics. The splint we designed is ready for use anytime needed and takes only few minutes to be fully set. This feature saves significant time spent by professionals which could be used more efficiently. So with AidPlex, healthcare professionals reduce their costs and limit their inefficiencies, whilst patients are provided with an excellent quality splint.

Healthcare Organisations


It is very important for AidPlex’s team to deliver a better planet to the next generation! We only use fully recyclabe and biodegradable materials in order to eliminate medical waste! An interesting fact is that AidPlex splint can be composted and tranformed into fertilizer. So AidPlex’s vision is to be part of the circular economy in the medical sector, which has tons of waste ending in landfills every day.