AidPlex’s splint is under the process of Clinical Trials at Papanikolaou General Hospital of Thessaloniki.

In a few months, the Clinical Trials will be published.


Over 180 million fractures occur worldwide annually and traditionally patients are treated with plaster casts. Fortunately, we have moved away from heavy plaster casts to fiberglass splints. Which is great for fractures, it is better than plaster, it takes half the amount of time to put it on and about the same amount of time to set and it is about half of the weight in addition to plaster. But that is still not really great especially because patients are not able to bath, it is heavy and it gets in the way.

So what we did was to take a look over rehabilitation where we have some materials called thermoplastics. Thermoplastics so far haven’t been great for fracture treatment because they set too slow and they don’t fit really good with the flow of the doctors.

At AidPlex we bridged the gap between traditional thermoplastics for rehab and fiberglass for fractures and we now have a great thermoplastic for fractures.