The Hellenic Initiative (THI) announced the award winners of The 2021 Venture Impact Awards (VIA) on December 13 with a virtual event that presented one of THI’s newest programs, which the organization says helps and supports Greece’s brightest and most talented teams – for-profits and non-profits – in creating scalable and sustainable ventures and projects that create jobs.

Also, a total of $285,000 has been given to 18 organizations for the year 2021. Helidoni Foundation Inc. and The Charles C. Condes Trust provided the initial funding for VIA. In addition, George Antonopoulos of Connecticut joined as a sponsor this year.

AidPlex won a $15,000 cash prize to continue offering its social impact!

Furthermore, AidPlex presented ScolioSense. A smart wearable device that can be retrofitted to any type of back brace (Boston, Cheneau) and transform them into IoT-enabled braces. The device collects 24/7 patients’ data and transmits them through Bluetooth to Bracely, a gamified Mobile App that is connected.

The Award Winners:

The $10,000-level winners included:

Nosilia Association, Organization Earth, Odyssea, Epanekkinisis, and Aegean Sails

The winners at the $15,000-level were:

Women on Top, Humane, Citycrop, Lia, Inaccel, The Greek Online School, EV Loader, Dentica, and AidPlex.  

Dogs Voice, MindSpace, SciCo, and Moptil won the $25,000 grants.  

Last but not least, The Hellenic Initiative (THI) is a global, non-profit, non-governmental secular institution. Through the generosity of the Greek diaspora and philhellene community, aims to develop sustainable economic and business improvement programs to empower the Greek people toward long-term prosperity. Oli Mazi — All Together. Founded in 2012 by prominent leaders from the Greek global diaspora. THI is also honored that President Bill Clinton has joined the effort as an honorary patron. Its focus is on jobs and philanthropy, and they are undertaking several initiatives designed to encourage entrepreneurship and investment in Greece.