ScolioSense, on 06 of October 2021, was presented among other great speakers on O3 (omikron 3) broadcast on the Greek national tv channel, ERT3.

Harry Yeremtzes, CEO & Co-Founder of AidPlex, presented ScolioSense in AidPlex’s Research and Development lab.
ScolioSense is a smart wearable device that can be retrofitted to any type of back braces (Boston, Cheneau) to make them IoT-enabled. The device is collecting 24/7 patients’ data and transmits them through Bluetooth to AidPlex’s gamified mobile application for patients, called Bracely.

Dr. Samoladas E., Scientific Advisor of AidPlex, talked about Scoliosis and the three proven ways to manage it. Depending on the progression of patients’ curvature, patients should follow Observation or bracing, or surgery to treat Scoliosis. In addition, Dr. Samoladas mentioned that ScolioSense could give the unique opportunity to clinicians to have data about the correct fitting of the brace.

Besides the presentation of ScolioSense, AidPlex presented its recent achievements and upcoming milestones. AidPlex during the summer was incorporated in the United States of America to have better access to finance. Furthermore, AidPlex aims to commercialize ScolioSense in the EU and the US to empower patients with scoliosis and have better treatment outcomes.

For any further information and the full interview, you can check out the video below.