Under the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), the event “Startingup in Thessaloniki – pros and cons” took place on Sunday 16 September. The innov.ation /HUB with the support of OK!Thess incubator held this event at USA Pavillion 13. There, three young entrepreneurs shared their experiences about the Startup Ecosystem in Thessaloniki.

Dimitrios Moustakas from AidPlex in TIF 2018

AidPlex was there

Dimitris Moustakas, co-founder of AidPlex was there, encountering his own experiences from AidPlex’ entrepreneurship journey.

At first, after presenting his company, he focused on the importance of OK!Thess’ existence for the entrepreneurship in Thessaloniki, helping new startups. Along with Kostas Alexoglou from Loceye and Souzana Theodoridou from Grekaddict, they discussed the advantages and disadvantages of startingup in Greece. They pointed out that the country can be considered as an ideal test market, but the high tax rates leave little room for a business to survive and grow. So, it would be impossible to ignore, as a matter of discussion, the prospect of a future departure from Thessaloniki, as an attempt by young entrepreneurs to chase more opportunities.

“AidPlex is not just splints! AidPlex is a company that wants to improve orthopedic products, that remain the same over the last decades and continue to make patients suffer daily.”

Dimitris, talking about AidPlex, stated that AidPlex is not just “splints”! But it is a company that aims to improve orthopedic products, that have not changed significantly over the last decades and that patients continue suffering during their recovery.

After all, he was asked about what he would say to himself a year ago, he commented that he would let things happen as they were. “Early mistakes had little impact, and I have learned a great deal from them. Otherwise, they could be made in the future and have a greater impact on the company.”

About innov.ation /HUB

Innova.ation /HUB was an innovation lab area at USA Pavilion 13 powered by Found.ation. It hosted workshops, meetups, open discussions and had a dedicated “digital classroom area”. Digital skills and coding courses, innovation workshops and technology meetups, under the Tech Talent School initiative.

About OK!Thess

OK!Thess provides a co-working space and support services to teams of people with innovative ideas, helping them mature towards reaching the real market. Since October 2016 backed by several local entrepreneurial and educational institutions, aims to integrate the separate efforts that move in the direction of innovation and entrepreneurship.