Patient-centered Solutions


To provide the best possible solutions for healthcare problems, making them accessible to all.

Beginning with orthopedics.

The majority of orthopedics products have not been improved for decades and do not support integration of biometric sensors.  

Our mission is to change that.

Our designs are patient-centered in terms of effectiveness coupled with comfort. In addition, we produce designs that take into account future applications of innovative technologies in the orthopedic field, giving the opportunity for 24/7 monitoring capabilities.



Clinical Trials

of splint


  • “iProduce” Grant from European Commission
  • “Proof of Concept” Grant from Patras Science

1st Prize

PapaJohn Business Plan Competition


in the USA

Full patent

in the USPTO and PCT Application

2nd Prize

MIT Enterprise Forum


Provisional Patent

in the USPTO


in Greece

Research and Development


1st Prize

  • Ennovation 
  • Mindspace 
  • EcoCity Forum by AZK 


  • OK!Thess incubator program, Thessaloniki 
  • Reload Greece Acceleration Program, London 
  • Mindspace mission to Boston & San Francisco
  • Start Haifa & How to scale up your startup, Israel

1st Prize

Startup Weekend Kavala


We bring together engineers, healthcare professionals, and business leaders who share the same vision on improving patients’ treatment experience. This vision is shared also by our investors and members of the scientific community.

Meet the people of AidPlex.



AidPlex is a Greek HealthTech startup based in Thessaloniki, aiming at disrupting the healthcare sector. AidPlex provides the best possible solutions for orthopedic problems such as fractures, back and orthotics problems by bringing new designs and new materials to the industry.

The first product is a patent-pending medical device for fractures and rehabilitation, which is 5 times lighter than plaster casts, washable, skin-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable. AidPlex’s splint is in the process of clinical trials.

AidPlex has received funding from EC in order to research and develop its second product, which is an adjustable back brace for scoliosis with integrated biometric sensors.

Recently, AidPlex is expanding its Research & Development capabilities, focusing on developing an UAV with the possibility of immediate intervention in emergency situations and in particular for the provision of sanitary services.